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March 14, 2007


Yvonne in Southwest Virginia

Did you ever figure this one out? I picked up this comment in a forum I was in where a knitter was complaining about her stitches biasing and I thought about you and your problem. In her case, she was knitting in the round.

>>No, knitting in the round doesn't always bias. It sometimes does, but usually it's because the yarn is unbalanced. Do your knit stitches look like stacked Vs, like this:

Or do they look skewed, like this:

If the stitches are skewed, it's definitely an unbalanced yarn. If not, the problem could still be other issues with the yarn, or it could be a spiraling issue. The good news is that blocking will mostly fix it.<<

So I guess the answer is *Yes, it prolly IS the yarn. I don't know that I'd want to put all the time and effort into making the sweater with this yarn and then *hope* the blocking will take care of it. How about making a swatch and blocking that to see?


Hi Yvette! Thanks for thinking about me and my weird stitches!

Indeed I did discover the answer to my yarn woes. I definitely washed and blocked a few swatches to make sure my gauge was right. The stitch weirdness persisted.

However, I happened to be on the supernewbie support group on the Knitty Board, when I saw a post about 'assymetrical stitches.' A wise responder sent the original poster, and me too, to the following article in Knitty about this very topic: http://www.knitty.com/issuefall05/FEATwhyply.html

I know less than zero about spinning, so I'm at risk of spreading misinformation. I don't think the yarn is messed up, but rather this is just how it is. I'm about 8 inches into the front of my husband's sweater, and I don't really notice it anymore. B, my husband, can't even see what I'm talking about when I show it to him. At least that's what he says. ;) I'll post photos when I have more to show.

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