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June 17, 2007



That class sounds so interesting, what a great opportunity...

Yes, that Panda Cotton is so unbelievably precious and adorable!


Too bad about that wool. Scratchy wool is so hard to work with. One thing you could consider is knitting the sweater up and letting it soak in water with a wee bit of fabric softener (try it out on your swatch first, of course). I've found fabric softener really makes Lopi Lite more palatable. The reason it works is that fabric softener slowly breaks down fibers - something to be aware of in terms of your sweater's longevity.

Have a great time in Berlin! It sounds like it would be so much fun!

Laurie L.

I am "delurking" to tell you I love the mug...so your honey has a "honey" mug. Awwww. I would SO be teasing him about it! Oh, yeah.

Fabric softener might help with the wool, but scratchy it will always be, to some degree. Buying without being able to fondle the wool is always a tricky affair. You can always felt something with it. Scratchy wool usually felts quite nicely.

Berlin sounds nice. Should be a wonderful class. Perfect time of year to be there.


scratchy wool sucks - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that washing will help - a LOT. The panda cotton looks pretty, I'm sure it will make a lovely pair of socks for your mum.


Thanks for the info on the fabric softener. I'll give that a shot. Luckily this is my 'test skein' so there's no love lost if it doesn't work out.

The Panda Cotton has been interesting to try to pin down, but I think I've finally selected a stitch pattern. More details later...


I can't wait to see Jemima finished-I'm making wedding plans for that yarn and myself.

much peace in Berlin!


Wow, how fantastic! Do keep us posted about your travels.

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