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July 23, 2007



Lovely socks and photos!


Such an auspicious site for your photo shoot! Love the footies, glad the sock mojo is back. Incidentally, you have really cute ankles!;)


love the photoshoot! i think louis xiv would've been proud to wear those :o)


I love these socks! Such bright happy colors. Hmm I think need a super bright pair for myself. :)

Jen - Knitting Sutra

Thanks guys!

Heather: I'm pretty sure that you're the first person to ever say I have cute ankles! You might be my new BFF for that one. ;)

Amanda: It's possible he might have liked these, if his taste in wallpaper and draperies is any indication. He probably also had small feet. I think my feet would have hung off his bed, and I'm only barely 5' tall!


Great socks and I love your socks travel photos! I hope that pair brought back your sock mojo.


Wonderful socks! The pictures are great, too. I especially like the shot of the sock in the Queen's garden. The colors are spot on.


So glad you posted those- I wasn't sure what I was knitting with having lost the ballband. It was Regia!


Gorgeous socks! I love the yarn. Not used Regia before, but really like your results so I reckon I shall seek some out (after my yarn hiatus :( )


I love those pictures - particularly the bottom one where the flower and the sock go so well together.

Happy birthday to your Mom.

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