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July 27, 2007



I haven't joined Ravelry yet... See my blog for my delimma and a little advice??

My Falling Leaves have 48 stitches total (12 front, 12 back) but I'm using a yarn that's a little thicker than sock weight, but doesn't seem quite DK yet. I'll be updating my progress soon.

If you need to seek another opinion on your heel (although i don't know the original formula), I can take a look and do the math thing for ya... After all, I am an engineer who thinks knitting from charts are more natural than reading instructions...

E to the M

Congratulations on winning the Summer of Socks week 5 contest!


I'd go in multiples of four. If someone is using an atypical stitch count, they can just add one or decrease one to "typicalize" the heel. :-)


Yes, those Ravelry forums can suck a person in for sure. I was away for a few days and that helped get me off the hourly checking drill--my goal is to stick strictly to the pattern/yarn/project end of things...


Ravelry can become a black hole - a very friendly and fun black hole, that is :)

Congrats on the win!


Congrats! Ah, the wonders of Ravelry!

No suggestions from me - you know more than I do!


I have 8,842 people in line ahead of me to get into Ravelry, so I'm safe for a while ;). I agree with multiples of four for the sock heel. Also chiming in to congratulate you on the SOS link contest win.


Very cool that you want to be a designer. :) You have so many great ideas. :)


Ravelry is wicked. I possibly spend more hours on there rather than knitting at the moment. Especially the forums. I am such a lurker, see things that I like and then add them to my ever growing to knit list. Sigh.

How funky about Los Monos Locos though. People must like your variations :)


Thanks for the hints and well wishes!

Jenn: When I can grab a bit of time, I'll send you the info that I have. Meanwhile, I'll "chart" in 4 stitch increments. Who knows, maybe a pattern will emerge or something.

As for Ravelry... I'm off the wagon already. Sigh!

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