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August 24, 2007



I did a similar thing with my dads socks. They were only about my 3rd pair of socks and I didn't know what size to make them. I got my mum to measure his shoes and, with using my google-fu, I came up with a measurement. However, the socks are 2 inches too big. Now, mum wears them as house socks. I was quite disappointed at the time, but I've learnt from my mistakes.

I love the cable rib from SKS. They are on my to knit list. I have so much on there as it is, though :(


Very nice baby cable rib!

One thing that occurs to me re: fitting- especially when I let myself get into a knit fit about it- is that store-bought socks come in a "one-size-fits-all" Surely I can't be SO wrong that they absolutely don't even hint at fitting!


I love the new Baby Cable Rib socks. Thanks for reminding me how much I love that pattern, it'll be esp. fantastic for showing off the awesome stitch definition of the Wollmeise!!

Your moms socks look fantastic, btw!


Congrats on B's green card and early welcome home! :) I might not be super excited when I got my green card back then, but I sure am happy now that I am here.

Don't feel bad, I missed the deadline too!!!! Oh well.

I really like the mini-cables! They are so cute! Too bad I have too many things I want to knit before that, but I'll def. have to keep that in mind.


Wow - I love those baby cable rib socks!

Regarding socks for others, I was a little nervous the first time I made socks for someone else, too, but I just made sure I had measurements for the people I was making socks for. The only ones I had to frog and make over were kid socks, and those don't take long to knit. And seeing how people react to handknit socks make it totally worth it :)


I love the color of your Mom's socks. It's tricky knitting socks for other people, but even trickier doing it with cotton yarns. With my Mom, I'm lucky in that she wears the same shoe size as I do. I've never done a sock swap for the same reason as you. I'm picky in how I like my socks to fit and I'm afraid to mess up some one else's socks.

The Baby Cable socks look great! I like the color and the stitch. Congrats on the Green Card! That's so exciting for you and B. :-)


Beautiful yarns and patterns! I am sure your mom will love them.

I feel like an idiot... I took my socks to South America with me for a great travel photo shoot for that contest and totally forgot to take them with me to the landmarks! oh well... I am sure someone else will win :)

Bring on the Bavaria trip/photos! :)


Those baby cable socks are wonderful - pretty and crisp at the same time!

I hope you'll show a photo of your Mom's socks after they've been recieved. I'm sure she'll love them no matter how they fit. And if they do happen to end up too big, sometimes a trip through the dryer will snug up the fit - that trick has saved a few pairs of (wool) socks for me!


I think it's admirable that you're still trying to knit your mom and SMIL socks when you're so anxious about it! I knit SCARVES for my mom/sis and others last Christmas and I'm not doing it again because of the anxiety involved! The only folks getting handknits from now on live in my house, and they won't be surprised b/c they'll be picking the colors and approving the patterns.

And, of course, all of this pressure is being put on us by - US!

Both pairs of socks look really beautiful!


I forgot about the deadline too! Oh well. Your socks look great BTW!


It's tough making things for someone long distance. I made both my parents submit to Serious Foot Measuring while I was home a while back so I'd at least have something to go on. I'm sure your Mom will love them no matter what. :) The new sock looks great and I'm glad you are enjoying your prize (great pic by the way!). I love the new socks too. And sorry you missed the deadline for the vacation contest! There might be more chances for you to win a goodie or two. :)


Both pairs of socks are gorgeous - I 'll have to peek in ravelry to get a real good look at the first pair:) I love the ribs - I will have to add those to my queue.


Woohoo! What a post full of happy news:) Love the new socks and stop worrying about your mom's socks so much....trust in the measurements! LoL!


The colors of the the lemon-lime socks are fantastic. I'm sure your mom is just gonna adore the socks. And I know what you mean. I have small feet too and knitting socks for people just freaks me out since everything just looks huge to me. But joining swaps have helped.

The Wollmeise socks are looking really good, your SMIL is super lucky.

And oh congrats on the green card! How exciting for B.


I love those baby cables! The color is fantastic too. (course all Wollmeise colors are) :) Congrats on the green card. YAY!!


I love those baby cables! The color is fantastic too. (course all Wollmeise colors are) :) Congrats on the green card. YAY!!


I'm sure the socks will be fine, I know it's really hard making things for people of a different size. Love the new socks, great baby cables.

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