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August 31, 2007



I agree with you on setting goals and not setting goals. Congrats on getting so much done. With time at a premium we should always knit what feels good. Much luck in the coming crazy weeks.


Well the really annoying thing about the list is that in general I did knit the things I wanted to - hence the additions to the list. So, all the list really serves is to kinda make me feel bad for things I didn't get around to doing. So no list next time, and I'll have a little less pressure.

Now all I need to do is finish these second gift socks and then all monkeys are off my back. :)


I'm sure you did better than me! :) I only finished Falling Leaves for SoS, but at least I used the two circulars with magic cast on toe up two socks at once. I think that was half of the list ;) Yes, I'm sneaky :) Excited for you to move back home! Maybe one of these days we can meet! I mean after all, I got a good friend in Alexandria and I've never visited DC before!


Wow! You accomplished a lot this summer! Congrats on the move. You seem very organized already, which is never a bad thing.


That's a rather impressive summer's work when it's all listed in one place like that! Though I do agree that setting goals kind of takes some of the fun out of knitting. It's the only thing in my life that no-one but me notices whether it's finished or not, and I kind of like it that way!


You SPANKED those goals, so impressive! NOthing like moving to make you feel discombobulated!


Great photos! I love the first one. :) And you accomplished so much this summer. So here's your big pat on the back because you've done some fantastic work! :)


I love those photos!

You are on top of things! I hope you get the knitting done that you want to do before the States - when we moved from TX to CA, I couldn't knit for over a month! (It was the nerves.)


Great job on keeping on top of things! How crazy does it get trying to move from one continent to another?!!

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