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August 03, 2007



That sweater looks great but I bet it did feel like miles. I think this is the summer of many WIPs - it is for me. I'm never this unfaithful about my knitting but I jsut haven't been inspired by much lately. Nothing holds the attention...


Wonky bits? Heavens- it looks beautiful!


Nobody is allowed to tell you how or when or what to knit. There are no knitting police.


I am totally socked out the max right now, so I can completely relate!


I think the thing about socks for me is that they never really "feel" like FO's in the same way that buying sock yarn doesn't really feel like you're adding to stash. If sock yarn actually "counted" as stash in my head-then maybe- and then when you are gifting socks- first they're there and then they're gone.

B's sweater looks great. I like that miles and miles picture


What columns of wonky knits? It's a great color!


Elinor: Yeah, I'm not sure what it is for me. I think part of it is that I like the experimenting part of knitting and gift knitting is all about perfecting what you already know - which I find less fun.

Elspeth and Tienne: You guys are too kind! There's about an inch of funky things happening just a bit left of center where I correct a stitch after I'd already knit a few rows past it. I'm getting pretty good at fixing without tinking, but it always seems to stretch out the stitches in an ugly way that doesn't fix itself during blocking. There is a reason this is the back and not the front. hehe

Saralyn: You're definitely right! Ef the police! ;) But the police in this case happen to be the promises I made to people. So, I do need to honor them. I'm pretty sure it'll all be fun again when my bleeding 2mm circs that have been on back order for three months turn up so I can knit the wollmeise.

Ooh Becky: Yeah, at least when I knit for B I get to see him wear the thing all the time. I've only gifted those monkey socks, and my MIL loves them a lot. But it's kinda sad not to see them on her feet at least once.


That's right. You knit whateva you want! The sweater for B looks wonderful.


Ha ha. I think I'm going to be pointing my finger at everything in the house and yelling 'Whateva...'

I love perspective shots of knitting. It makes me want to talk in a funny voice about The Knitted Landscape. It looks FAB.


Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I don't care for labels either. I was just trying to describe what I saw as the difference between. Have a great day.


That certainly looks like a lot of knitting on the sweater. I can understand why you're socked out, knitting socks for others can be very stressful.

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