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September 14, 2007



What a fantastically interesting post, Jen. Congrats for seeing a project like this through, it is lovely, but you know I'm a sucker for any leaf motif:) I agree that lace knitting is utterly bizarre in the beginning as you really do have to have faith, you can't see what is going to emerge and just have to trust your ability to interpret the pattern. And personally I've always felt that the crochet cast-on was utterly pointless, but I am lazy individual!


wow. I never consistered how you would get your stuff out of those little bitty row houses!! And very cool wrap sistah! I think I'd like to use that pattern in a scarf, if I ever get the scarf mojo back that is.....

Grad School Knitter

Wow. So gorgeous. I never looked twice at that pattern before, but making it bigger so it overlaps looks great!


Jen- What a beautiful post and a beautiful wrap. I love the part about concentration, surrender and limits. I think the provisional cast off struggle at the end lends itself to your great humility and patience as well.

I've yet to find the words to talk about it but these are the reasons thatI knit- in addition to the more practical ones.

Well done and well said!


It looks wonderful and good for you for learning so much! Picking out a crochet cast on can be all sorts of no fun, no matter how many times you've done it. And I can't even fathom moving overseas so that last shot just blows my mind!


Congratulations on your new skirt and your new location! I live in DC and would love to take you to coffee- welcome back!


Beautiful! I didn't think much of it when I saw it in the magazine, but it looks perfect for how you plan on wearing it. That's wonderful how you learned so many things while knitting this.

Wow, things have stepped up since I've lived in Europe. We lived in a German apartment building and when we moved, the packers had to figure out how to carry all of our stuff down from our third floor apartment.


Great job on the wrap! It really looks nice. I've thought about making it and like that you made a bigger size to overlap more. I liked the thoughts in this post. Since I still consider myself new to knitting, the way you felt through this process seems to be the way I feel through every new thing I pick up to do because I very rarely know how to do all the techniques required. It's a process that definitely has the ups and downs and I think as long as you like the product, it works out in the end! I hope DC welcomes you back with open arms!


Oh, the Ogee is fabulous. I love yoga, I'm thinking it cures all things. Namaste.


GORGEOUS!!!! Awesome job!!! When my husband and I moved cross country, we spent almost a week without anything except 2 plates, 2 cups, 2 forks, 2 bowls, 2 spoons and our sleeping bags. It was a long week:)

Jen in CT

The skirt is lovely and your post was very interesting. Thank you! :-)


That is so pretty! My daughter really wants me to knit this for her. That is a crazy way to move!


Your wrap turned out gorgeous! Great job. Your pattern impressions were spot on.

Ganesha is my favorite Hindu God too. I have him tattooed on my ankle.


What a gorgeous lace wrap skirt! Great job. Sigh, in my fantasy-world life, I have your slim yoga shape...lucky, lucky girl. Are you missing European living now that you're back in the States?

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