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September 10, 2007



Your socks are beautiful!!!


The socks look great- I am also a fan of that sensational socks book and will definitely be checking out Wendy's heel instructions! They look amazing! How funny is it when the most interesting thing to comment is "I like the way your heel looks." what would the non-knitters say?!

Grad School Knitter

Those are super beautiful. I'm sure your MIL will love them!


Those are so pretty!! I have one baby cable rib sock done awaiting its mate and I know what you mean about needing blockers to show the rib off - it's a really nice, simple pattern but so pretty. I'm sure she'll love them!


Beautiful!!! The color is great and I love how there is zero pooling. The heel turned out perfect too. I can't wait to knit with my Wollmeise yarn now. I think it will have to move up in the "must knit with this now" line.


The socks looks great! :) And that is one great short row heel. I may need to try that pattern out.


They look great! 80 sts.?! That *is* a lot! I'm sure she'll love them. :) When do you arrive in the states? Sounds like things are moving fast. Best of luck with the rest of the packing and whatnot.


Yowza, they look great! I LOVE that pattern and have done it several times, always with success. And gushing over Wollmeise is entirely appropriate...


Nicely done! Really like the heels!


Good thing they are too big, right? It'd be even tougher to send them off. I am working on the foot on my second baby cable in Wollmeise - and I love the pattern too! And I love how the sock yarn hugs your foot!


80 sts, that's big even for me ;) The socks look fabulous, I'm sure they will be well received.


Very pretty! Baby cable is one of my favorite patterns. And the yarn - wow - I really need to get some!


The socks are gorgeous. I now have an immense crush on all things Wollmeise. Thanks a lot. ;)


So pretty! and what a great heel :)


oh gosh, I keep reading such nice stuff about that yarn! I will be a broken woman if I can't have some of that crack. I've never done a heel with that method, I realy must get up to speed with this knitting world. And yes, everything is very liebchen about those sockies.


Your socks are amazing! And those heels are a work of art. Bravo!!!


SO pretty! The pattern and the yarn work so good together.

I'm going to have to get some of that yarn!

Alison Hyde

Your socks are gorgeous!

Alison Hyde

Your socks are gorgeous!

Alison Hyde

(I'm not quite sure how my comment got doubled up by my hitting the back button, but maybe that was meant to be one compliment for each sock?)

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