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September 09, 2007



I think that skeins are the way to go, but I might be wrong. And that Campari Orange is killing me!!


Yes, cakes take up less room. And you know, if you can't take all of your yarn, you can always send it to me. :-)

Good luck with the moving! It will be soooooo nice when you settle in back at home (with all of your yarn in its place)!!!


Pretty Wollmeise - it is fabulous! I love how the colors look so gorgeous there together. Have safe travels!


Oh my- I thought determinging knittage for a 10 day trip was difficult. I think in your shoes, I'd have to trust the knitting powers of the universe that I packed and "saved" the right stuff. Thinking about it too much would make me crazy.

Grad School Knitter

I haven't had any problems flying with any kinds of needles in the last year or so... but those have all been domestic US flights. I hear that Europe is a little more sticky about what you can and can't take. Best thing to do is ask at the desk when you check in your luggage and that way if they tell you know you can through you precious needles and yarn into your checked bag instead of giving them up at security 10 minutes later.

Grad School Knitter

Err... throw your needles... Sorry... Long day and night yesterday!


It's a grey, rainy day here and I'm casting on an emergency project in boring white yarn. Those colourful picture of your beautiful new sock yarn are just what I needed this morning.

And for yarn packing, I'd pack on the light side by "accident," then buy more yarn if I ran out!


I always end up packing WAY more knitting than I actually get done. LOVE the yarn!


oh what lovey-dovey colors. You are kinda facing a 'Sofie's Choice' there with the yarn. Good luck with it. The bright spot is someday you will see your children,er, YARN again.


Great Wollmeise enhancement! I can't wait to see the great items you create out of these skeins. :)


Pretty yarn in great colors. Good luck with choosing what to pack with you. I think that I would take only a few things and then buy more. Hey, you'll be able to get Knitpicks shipped to you after the move. ;-)


You can send me the yarn (esp. the new green and blue) and I'll hold on to it for you. ;) I think if you keep it in skeins and get some of those space bags or, if no time, ziploc bags, suck the air out and squish it down. That's how I store my yarn.


Wow... The "thunderstorm" is taking my breath away! I'll have to remember to ask you before we go on our honeymoon in Europe on what shops I need to stop by!

I think the yarn cakes takes up less room because it's more structured. (listen to the engineer that's coming out of me...) My yarn wall all have yarn cakes, they store better too, don't have to worry about them flopping around.


Yarn cakes are likely to take up less room, but skeins DEFINITELY travel better (think yarn vomit out of balls of yarn, the longer they're balls the more they 'vomit').


oh, yes. wollmeise always makes for a captivating blog post. good luck with the move!


That yarn is so gorgeous!

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