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September 13, 2007



That sounds difficult. I would have taken me far too long to figure out what projects I want to work on now and while I'm waiting for the rest of the stuff to float across the ocean. I am glad to hear that the Wollmeise made it into the baggage. Can't let that pretty yarn get lost anywhere. Good luck with the rest of packing.


Wow! You are amazing:) Enjoy the move. When do you guys leave?


Thanks for the tips, although I don't think I could pull any of that off as smoothly as you appear to have done!

I bet Ogee looks great - can't wait to see it!


What a process, whew!! Good luck with your move, what a huge change...hopefully we can meet up sometime now that you'll be Stateside!:)


I hate it when you have to decide which "toys" to play with. I know that if faced with the same crisis, I would, as I was sorting have some sort of manic fit about yarn that's gone untouched for months, and be certain that it was really essential for it to go on the "A-list." It sounds like you approached the whole business rationally. I admire your strength.


I had the same life growing up, and I hated having to choose the toys - I would hate having to choose the yarn too... Good luck with it all, seriously.


Oh, piece of cake - okay, not! :) At least your knit projects are taking some priority! Can't wait to see the finished Ogee!


You are one smart cookie. Get the boy involved early and often. A recipe for success for sure! ;)


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