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September 04, 2007


Grad School Knitter

Way to take one for the team! The same thing happened to me when I was working on the space invader socks for my brother... and of course, every time I worked on them I'd poke at the same hole in my finger!

the Lady

Have you tried Knit Picks needles for sharp and pointy? I just got some, and man, they are so pointy and sharp I've poked myself painfully a few times. I love my Addis, but the Knit Picks can definitely inflict more damage.


Ugh, I know about poking a hole in your finger. I had one at the start of sos. I'm using Knitpicks circulars and those things are dangerous, especially the teeny size 0 needles. Your Mom's socks look great! I like the Jitterbug socks too. Jitterbug pooled for me too. As for where to wear the socks, I say wear them with anything. I wear my loud socks with whatever. I don't care if people think I'm crazy--I probably am. ;-)


Ogee is looking good! Don't give up! The MIL socks look lovely and the Jitterbug socks are, uh, nice. Good idea to cast on for those! *Shifty eyes* I like it inside.

I agree with the Lady re Knit Picks needles - mine are sure pointy. However, I've seen other reviews of the Addi Lace needles where they are compared to Knit Picks, and I thought they were still pretty close to the same. I wouldn't know, though - I don't have any Addi Lace needles.


Great looking knits, but I am so stealing your word "donedom", if I can remember it. :-)


The skirt looks so good! And I am glad you scientifically proved that Addi Turbo vs Addi Lace are not different except the taper since I was thinking of buying them since I like the pointy.

I like loud socks. I always wear crazy socks - it's my thing or something.


Now that I have my new list of favorite sayings on my side bar, "I knit what I want!" is so going on it!

You have some serious perserverence on that Ogee. I'm looking forward to see how it wears.


Jen, you are awfully witty for a gal that's about to move house across the Atlantic!:) Maybe you should start thinking of those Jitterbug socks as being 'jolie laide(s)', that way it wouldn't hurt as much...and I always knew Addi was running a game. Did you also know that their needles ARE NOT true to size??


Oohhh thanks for the review about the Addi Lace needles. I was thinking of getting them to knit some socks since I heard they were pointier, but now, hmmmm. Plus I would think the cable would be more flexible too. Gosh, this really makes me sad. I wanted them. Oh well.
The SMIL socks are lookin' sooo squishy and fun! :)
And even with all the craziness going on with your shawl, I think it looks fantastic! Sooo purty.


I love your mother-in-law's socks - they look great. And that skrit is pretty amazing too!


The needles look the same to me too. Knitpicks option needles are nice and pointy; great for lace knitting. Good price too.


Hmm...I do use the Addi Laces a lot and I do find them pointier than the other ones. At first, I didn't notice much of a difference but after using them (in all the sizes available) I reach for them before I reach for the old Addis.


took one for the team-heh heh. good one.
And I'm not listening that Jitterbug pools ugly-lala lala lala-Can't hear you cuz' I need to use mine soon-la lala I DO Believe in Jitterbugs! I DO!!!!!


The skirt is going to be amazing. Hang in there! I actually like the lace needles except for the stickiness of them. The taper does seem to help.

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