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December 15, 2008



Oh I have gotten stumped with the 'it just doesn't look right' thing many a time!


The cast off is easy to take out if it's just a regular knitted cast off. Find your end (if you've already woven it in) and pull it back through the last stitch. After that it should just unravel with a gentle tug like any other row you want to tink.

Good luck!


I have a sweater that's been sitting on the needles for years at this point because I just got bored with it. Your excuses are much better. ;)


I just knit the Uptown Boot socks, and I think what you are doing looks correct. Mine looked a bit different from the pattern photo while I was knitting them, so I understand you doubt. You could continue them.
OTOH, I had trouble maintaining the pattern after the heel. Since you haven't gotten near that "rocky" part, I'd understand if you just frogged them.


Hi, I would like to ask if the pattern for Los Mono Locos is up to date for this year. I am a new knitter to socks and would like to know if there are any errors that may not have been reported as of yet so i won't be confused when I ask questions. Please let me know. thank you

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Ha Ha what a story... Good luck on the socks. Wish I could help you out.


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