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March 29, 2007



Moi aussi j'adore les Schtroumpfs!

Have a great, relaxing trip!


I am so completely jealous of your stash!


Heather, did you ever see the Belgium Unicef ad featuring the Smurfs being carpet bombed? It came out last year I think. It's truly jaw dropping. Mon dieu! My inner 7 year old was really shocked. Don't show this to kids: http://adsoftheworld.com/media/tv/unicef_smurfs_video

Becky, no don't be jealous of the stash - it was very impulsive and I should be ashamed. Also this is seriously like all of it. Everything else I have laying around is for a specific project or was frogged from a project. Until now, I wasn't a yarn collector.


Great purchases from Astrid's! You are so lucky to be able to get it so quickly. I live in the states so it took a whole 2 weeks for the package to get here and I checked the mail box everyday for it, since I am crazily obsessed with sock yarn. :)It was well worth it since I bought a heck of a lot. LOL.

My Merino Mantra

All that yarn is ok, as long as you really use it. Someday. :)
I've seen those links before, and I am ready to start socks again! I'll use Magic Loop, as nothing else looks good to me. Your Dreamsicle socks look wonderful, so far. Good luck!


Well hi there! It's always exciting to find other American transplants here in the Lowlands. Where do you live? Do you go to a Stitch and Bitch? Ours in Amsterdam is getting big and bustling, lots of Americans. Nice to find your blog!


Jennie: Yeah two weeks is about how long it takes for mail to move across the ocean. Packages always take longer than envelopes too. Astrid has an amazing supply though - rivals any LYS I've ever been in, so totally worth the wait. My only problem now is that I apparently knit so slow that it's going to take me years to get through this. There I was thinking that I'd be through that stash by the end of the summer. ha!

Mantra: The magic loop is working out great, especially with the two socks at once. Now that I've been through both tutorials, I think I like Silver's better, but Barb's measurements are good if you are trying to knit a pair of women's socks. When I'm done with them (almost), I'll post my experiences with the Dreamsicles. Good luck and do share your experiences Great blog title, btw!

Cassandra: Goede Middag! I'm in The Hague, actually. I posted to Expatica when I first came over to try to start a S-n-B here, but it didn't come together - not enough people. Someone tried to start a S-n-B at the ABC, but I turned up once and no one was there. Some Dutch ladies meet at a cafe somewhere, but my Dutch is really bad, which instantly makes me very shy when I'm otherwise pretty outgoing. Also I'm not keen to hang out in a smokey cafe with my knitting. Seems like all the good things happen in AMS, but unfortunatley my husband works in Rotterdam. Maybe I can crash the AMS S-n-B semi-regularly. :)

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