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April 17, 2007



Wow! What a great trip. Oh, I bet it was truly amazing and relaxing to be surround by such a beautiful atmosphere. The view from your mat, oooohhhh how wonderful.

Don't beat yourself down, as long as you were able to enjoy the knitting, it's all that matters. :) I do love the color of that yarn. So bright and cheery. It puts a smile on my face.


I read the description of your journey with great interest. So glad to hear that your body and spirit have been restored and that you're feeling well.

I have done similarly delusional yarn calculations on trips as well, when you look back, you wonder what you were actually thinking!!

My Merino Mantra

What a divine trip! Such beauty, and peace. You relaxed, had great massages, and you came to some realizations, too. Wow, that's great. Your previous post inspired me to tackle socks once again. I am on the home stretch to sock #2. It was pitiful and painful, going it alone. I haven't blogged about it yet, but I will soon have a finished pair. Congratulations to both of us!


Lovely to hear from you, ladies. The trip was indeed fantastic. Retreats = getting away from it all. Getting away from it all is good. I'm still feeling pretty upbeat, even though it's gone cold again here.

Jennie: The yarn is indeed peppy, and keeps me motivated. I'll blog more about this when I actually finish them up, but I think sock yarn is an unforgiving mistress. I usually knit with at least DK, usually chunky. That stuff really hides stitch inperfections. I also wonder if the sliding the stitches on and off the needles takes a toll on them. Either way, I'm reserving judgement until after I block them. And anyway, this is my first pair so I won't be too hard on myself. I have plenty of other bits lurking around to raise an eyebrow at though.

Heather: You should see what I took to Australia with me a couple of years ago. This wasn't too long after I started to knit and was still sufficiently challenged by hats and scarves. I ended up not having any time on that trip at all to knit. I should have learned then.

Mantra: Wow - I'm so touched that I inspired anyone! I can't wait to see your socks - I'm sure they'll be great. *High Five*


What a view! I have the same thoughts as you - "Never work in the office again". I currently still works in the office, but I started my own business doing Financial Consulting on helping people to get on the right financial track. I travel to people's home instead of having them come see me and the great feeling just wouldn't stop - I helped another family. I say - Go for it girl!

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