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April 18, 2007



I can only comment on Sensational Knitted Socks. I love socks. I could actually knit a basic sock pattern for the rest of my life and not be too bored-in the same way my grandmother crocheted only granny square and ripple afghans. I don't even get second sock syndrome (I know-I'm a freak) I try bigger projects because I want my brain to get bigger and my knitting to get better. I knit socks because I'm so proud that I can!

I've thumbed through many sock books in the local book stores. Sensational socks was the only one that caught my eye and held my interest. I like the way the patterns are divided- by the stitch length of the pattern used. (e.g. 4 stitch patterns, 5 stitch patterns etc) I think it allows for some creativity on the part of the knitter who wants to play and a practical and simple way to look at patterns when you want it quick and easy. This format also allows for more actual patterns than I've seen in most books.

It also has clear explanations/review re: foot measuring and guage/size charts. I usually only knit socks on 4dpns but if you like to vary-it's handy to have to spare yourself the math. All of this is color coded for ease of read.

Thanks for your words on the flair. I think that yarn selection was key- I was experimenting and possibly don't yet have the experience to experiment without more swatching. Even then it's "knit and learn."


Sensational Knitted Socks--you will get an endless bang for your buck from that book as it gives patterns for dpns and two circs. My fave knitting book ever.

BTW, love the concept of Methadone yarn!


Interesting... two votes for SNS. Maybe some other folks will delurk and share their thoughts as well. I know you're out there - I see you in my logs. Don't be shy. I promise I won't bite. ;)

Becky: I think I'll write today's post about yarn substitution b/c frankly, I've been a miserable failure at that myself. Not a single yarn-subbed project has turned out. Not one.

Heather: Did you catch the reference in the blog title? ;) I snickered everytime I saw that cruiseline commercial blasting Iggy Pop's ode to drugs set against old ladies dancing in the ballroom and spry young things enjoying the climbing wall. In the fog of my memory, "sock madness" is like a scene in "Drugstore Cowboy" where William S. Burroughs plays my mailman.


Yes that commercial kills me too! Drug + yarn allusions are never misplaced...

Yvonne in Southwest Virginia

Either or both of the Schurch books get my vote. She teaches you about sock-making and gives you puhlenty of options for different stitch patterns, different heels and toes. Endless possibilities...but if you get these books, save yourself some aggravation and take them to a reputable Office Supply place to have them spiral-bound so you can lay them flat while working with them. Nothing imo is more frustrating than to try to knit from a book that keeps flipping shut. Doesn't cost much: about $2.93 tax included per book as an example, here in VA).


Thanks for the tip, Yvonne. Cookbooks that flop closed drive me nuts too!

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