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April 20, 2007



It's funny how a yarn working for a certain project is so much more than gauge...I agree that it is an elusive concept.

My biggest problem seems to be calculating yarn amounts: I always end up with way too much or too little yarn for each project, never just 1/2 a ball extra. I don't get this either!


Our approaches are very similar. Somehow I think that if a knitting project was "meant to work out" then my half-assed guesses will all come together. Except for the disappointment when it doesn't, it's all quite exciting (if a little delusional.) Every time I'm binding off I think, "Drumroll, please..." Maybe the quality of guessing isn't so much that we think "we're not worth it" but instead similar to the reasons other people bunjee jump and sky dive. It's our way of living dangerously!


Heather: Amen. I do that too, mostly I over estimate. I need to start swapping my left-over fodder.

Becky: I wish I could say this was living dangerously for me. I rock climb (it's how I met my husband), so I get my fair share of thrills. Unfortunately, I think my problem really is arrogance - as in, I might actually think I'm clever enough to just magically do it right.


On the flip side, I suppose that with every exercise in knitting arrogance, comes a lesson in humility. I also often think I'm clever enough to just magically do it right. I don't know if I really think that but I keep hoping for it. I don't know if that's the same as arrogance. I do know that the disappointment and humility that follow are the same!

I think also that I would be REALLY disappointed if I followed all of the rules and it still didn't turn out. I think I'm sabotoging myself.

Jen- are you familiar with Adyashanti? I have been listening to what I understand to be his not so conventional take on meditation "True Meditation" (on my ipod). I tiptoe closer and closer to resting the mind. Knitting has helped a great deal. I think that is why I am drawn to socks. With the basic sock pattern memorized, I can rest. I don't think I've gleaned all that is possible with meditation but I do believe that when I have been able to relax my monkey mind I have felt the postive effects in other parts of my life.

I live in such a rural Pennsylvania community that thoughts and talking about knitting and/or meditation in a way that I know it makes me feel like an alien. It's nice to have a space to speak of both.


True true about the humility!

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