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April 25, 2007



Oh, I love the Keukenhof--when I lived in France I went several times, very truly inspirational.
I am also very motivated by what other bloggers are doing and am trying to use that motivation to knit from my stash and not buy more yarn!


You know, when you mentioned you were going to see tulips in Holland I wondered if what I pictured in my mind was fantasy- clearly it was not- those photos are stunning! I've been following Knitting on Impulse as well and was wishing the same things.

It makes me crazy when the only things I have on the needles are things that I've had to go back and fix. I get to feeling pretty defeatist about it and then want to cast on something else. You'll pull through the socks and the sweater. Lucky B!

I also found January one blog via your favorites and I felt the same way about miters. It was just so cool what she's done. I don't know if I'd have the patience for it.

My springspiration is to definitely pull away from insisting on finished objects for myself. I need to experiment more- that takes time and actuall uncommitted knitting. Doing so from the stash would be even better.


Heather: I'm pretty sure that the Keukenhof is one of the best things in Holland. B's Dutch coworkers each had the same response when we said we were going to check it out: "Only tourists go there." Their loss - it's amazing!

Becky: Oh it's for real, alright. But everything is so perfect, you almost wonder. I think they hand wash and wax each petal - not a single one looked bug chomped or wilted. I'm not feeling so much defeated as I just don't have a lot of time to knit this week. Deadlines. Shmedlines. I just got some editing work this morning.



I'm at a school where I don't have your email bookmarked and I have to thank you for recommending Eat, Pray, Love.

I was so laughing out loud this morning when I heard. "Operation Self Esteem, day f-ing One."

There are so many life parallels to some of the events that transpired. I found my way out on a different path. To have so many similar life experiences "pre-journey" and have the real feelings articulated and accounted humorously lifted so much from the circles in my head! More on email later.

Also- the camel in a telephone booth line is one that won't leave me soon.


Oh my, can I just say I love your photos! Unbelievably gorgeous! I love the pure beauty of spring, I just hate the allergies I get from it. hehe. Thanks so much for sharing such beautiful images.


Becky: Glad you like the book. I loved that the author reads the audiobook herself. She breathes so much life into it.

Jennie: Thanks! I was a bit worried about slow connections when I uploaded so many photos, but I couldn't help myself. I wish I had a nicer digital camera, b/c it's hard to get things in focus on a point and shoot. Some day I'll give myself permission to buy the Nikon D80 that I covet. :)

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