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April 27, 2007



That is beautiful. Knowing myself, what I would do is frog to close to just before the first mistake row and then try to tink it. WHat I found in the socks was that as I did that, I would drop a stitch or two, but then I would just remember where that was and pick it up when I got there.

I have some Debbie Bliss pure silk in silver, black, white, and cream. I envisioned a sweater and saved money for enough yarn. I haven't found what I thought would be "the pattern" yet. It's the prize of the stash and yet I'm too timid to even experiment with it.

I spent the summer of 2002 teaching in Galeshewe (the township oustide of Kimberely) in South Africa.


Well, I wait for a day when I'm feeling courageous and know that I have enough time to knit back to where I frogged (for some reason that's important). And then I joyfully rip away and pretend that the whole thing never happened...
Love the orange btw!


Hi Ladies,

Unfortunately, It will be really tricky to unknit this thing. The pattern works by perling into a bunch of stitches one by one and wrapping them. My best chance is to rip back to a knit row. It's doable, but yeah will take courage.

The color in the photos is not quite true, but I love the orange too. It's one of the only bright colors that this redhead can wear. :)


I will think peaceful thoughts for you. DO it Do it- at least then it won't be on your mind. For me, I only post things when I know it's time to be honest about them. Go Jen Go.


Wow, i just came across this beautiful scarf and have been searching on this perl wrap stitch but cannot find it on the internet. Pls can somebody instruct me on the stitch. I have some white silk yarn to make a scarf. It's gorgeous. Thank u


This is so beautiful! I tried to find the pattern but it said the magazine Rowan, number 38 is out of print. Any idea how I can get the pattern for the daisy scarf?
Thanks so much!!

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