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May 02, 2007



I've had that happen before. I knit for an entire year (not straight) on an Alice Starmore cabled sweater and it turned out so big that I really did wear it through all nine months of my pregnancy. Thank goodness I had a January baby and I got to wear it a lot!


Despite the problems it is a nice looking sweater! You can wear it, enjoy it and know you learned from it. Good work.


your sweater looks very comfy!


It does look so comfy- The sleeve seaming especially. I definitely need to do some reading on how to do those well or else plan to knit raglan sleeves in the round for the rest of my life. Now a few too many inches at the pits on those and you're really talking saggy. Glad to see that the obvious idea of "read the label" doesn't just apply to me!


I've gotten burned many times by not reading the label or directions all the way through...live and learn;)

I like the sweater, maybe because you knit it you only see its flaws, I'm that way too.


Thanks for all the kind words about my sweater - I do like it, in spite of it's oddities. I'm wearing it today in fact. I have to also note the the yarn is really light - it's not a heavy (as in weight) sweater at all. Yet, it's quite warm. Those Andeans, they know.

Becky: Sewing up the sleeves was pretty easy. As far as I can tell, it's no different from sewing any other seam. Though, the right sleeve looks a little funny in that photo... weird it's not like that in person. I'm really jonsing to learn to knit sweaters in the round. The very idea of knitting the front and backs together just makes me giddy.

Heather: I should rename m blog "live and learn." haha! You're right that most people won't notice anything, which is why I wear it in all it's funny-coloredness.

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