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May 30, 2007



It's disappointing after all that work to have them both not fit and be dissimilar in color intensity. The yarn is gorgeous, though, in the darker shades.


Hi Dave! I'm trying not to think about that. ;) I'm very happy to gift the socks, so they're not going in the garbage or anything. I'm also sure I'll figure out a way to knit them in my size, so it's not all for naught.


Wow check you out Miss Pattern Converter! So impressive, they look great!


That is impressive! So many things that I have not yet done in life- toe up socks-eye of partridge heel- no pick up gusset- very tempting for the summer. Thanks for the written instructions!


I finished my first sock with my fiesta today and it is quite dull looking. I don't know if it is because my hands were dirty, or what, but it isn't as bright as yours. And it is amazing at how the colour varies as yours looks so different to mine!

They still look fantastic though.


OOOohhhhh soooo pretty! Love the colorway. Bummer about how the saturation is different. :( It would bother me to have a muted sock especially if it's partner is all flash. :) Your MIL is super lucky, the socks are fab!


The socks look fantastic!


Those are some beautiful monkeys!


The socks look great!


I'm recharting the monkey's to fit my narrow feet and ankles. Is this what you need?

I'm planning to do them toe up too so was pleased to see your results.


I would like to knit for a swap pal using DK weight yarn. Her feet are size 9 1/2 - what number of stitches would I need to cast on to use this pattern? Thank you for any advice you could give me. My pal says her feet are wide but she can't measure since she broke her neck in the past three months.


Hello, I love your pattern, it's working wonderfully well, thank you!

I've got as far as the heel turn and I'm stuck. Can you help please?

I'm knitting one sock at a time on 2 circs, so I have the top patterned stitches on needle #2, and the gussets and heel on needle #1.

Where do I go from here? Do I need another needle to knit the heel sts back and forth?

The tail of my yarn has ended up on the left, between the end of the left hand gusset and the front. If I pick up the pattern from there and work back towards the heel, the sts are the wrong way around.

What do I do?

Many thanks!


Ah, I just needed to knit another row, I think.I had stopped at Round 3, which is what I understood the pattern to mean, which is what left my yarn in the wrong place. But before I realised I'd done that, I took a gamble and purled instead of knit, and vice versa, so all is now good.

Thank you! :)


I loved your pattern. I found no errors and had no problems following it. Thanks so very much. I loved the monkey sock pattern too, but love to knit toe up. I found the toe up version with short row heels, but I don't like the way short row heels fit. I love your heels here, no holes and they fit like a glove. Thanks again!


I love your pattern, but couldn't find the no-pickup gusset tutorial you mentioned planning to post. The link to lara B's page doesn't work either. I can follow your directions, just wondering if you have any pointers about when to start the gusset. I started it too early on my first attempt. Any magic pointers? Thanks,Daryl

Arina Cook

re abbreviation ssk
How doyou do that? I know how to slip the stitches, but they are then on the wrong needle for me to knit them together. Sorry, I can't figure it out.
Love your socks.


I was wanting to use your modified pattern for ravelry monkey "virgin" KAL for april and none of the links are active...any thoughts?
thanks for all of your work...what a fun thing you have done
sherrie in tsx

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