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May 10, 2007



I"m glad you had a good time! And your pictures and loot look great!!!


Elinor - I'm thinking the Trekking has your cable sock pattern written all over it.


Welcome home Jen! I kept checking, waiting for your return. I love Nigel. He's my new favorite dog. What a mug. The yarn looks wonderful. I've left India and am now just beginning in Indonesia. This may be one of those life-changing read (listens) for me. I actually think it's sinking in more because I get to hear her read it.


I have always surprisingly liked Germany too! Also, that Trekking Pro Natura is a great yarn, I'm sure you'll love it...


Absolutely Gorgeous photos! Love them. Oh my, Malabrigo, I've been hearing so much about how incredibly soft it is. I need to get me some, I could start making awesome scarves with it lol. Can't wait to see your felted bag. And Jitterbug, dang girl, that's some nice stuff. :)


Becky: I'm really glad you like the book. For those playing along at home, I highly recommend "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. I happened to get the audiobook, and she does the reading which brings so much life to it. I think you'll like Indonesia, it's very light and cute.

Heather: Germany gets a bad rap, but it's really very nice. I also liked the food, but it reminded me of growing up. It was like visiting grandma's (oma's) again.

Jennie: I probably (probably) won't start the malabrigo bag until later in the summer. I need to line up my projects and sort out what I'm going to do. But yeah, malabrigo = ultra ultra nice.

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