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May 03, 2007



Jen- I have a big ole pile of Rowan 4ply (an ebay binge) in various hues that I don't know what to do with. Wonder if it's like the DK that you have- wonder if you know what I should do with it. (What a question)

I used Tofutsi for the adass socks. I didn't care for it so much- split city. I won't really know how it "wears" because it was a gift to the not knowing what I'm talking about friend. It definitely feels softer than "Sockatta" on the feet.

My favorite lately (and the yarn of my latest sock venture) is "Trekking". Cashmere being the only exception. Can you believe that the LYS owner convinced me that I had to have cashmere socks and that I paid $30/skein just so see what they felt like. I haven't finished them- one skein was misplaced for a few months- and I'm not sure I love myself so completely enough to follow through yet

Have a lovely time in Cologne- we'll be at the Mountaineer Gaming Center- my husband loves slot machines- celebrating the B's birthday there! (He doesn't say a word about $30/skein cashmere- he can pretend to be a high roller for a weekend if he wants to!)


Pretty yarns. I actually have enjoyed the Tofutsies yarn. It's quite soft and makes a nice fabric. Is a little splitty though.

I have to say that club does sound a little pricey. The STR one was 210 and had basically the same stuff.


I have some of the celestial merino in the fiesta colour and have just started knitting with it. It comes up so beautifully. Not that I have done *too* much yet, but what I have done is very pretty, even if I do say so myself :)


Becky: If the Rowan you have is DK weight, you could do just about anything with it! I've only worked on sweaters, though. To me it's an all around yarn for just about anything. And cashmere socks - oh baby! I had a pair of store bought cashmere blend socks. Don't get too excited, I think I got them from Target. Too bad my feet are so mangled from years of ballet and now rock climbing that I'm sure my feet can't really tell. However, they were very warm and were perfect in the 3/4 boots I used to wear to work all the time.

Jessica: I'm eager to find a good project for the TOFUtsie. I reallly like the idea of it, especially since the "soy silk" is made from a by product from the tofu industry. They'd otherwise go in the landfill! That's so awesome. I'm still undecided about the sock club. I want to google the dyers to see if I would even like their stuff. I emailed the shop though about international shipping, and they've been beyond nice!

Laura: Do you have pictures??? would love to see! I'm not worried that one skein isn't enough for a pair of socks. How much are you using?

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