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May 15, 2007



I LOVE NIGEL. Last night Bob said, "after vacation, let's get two dogs." (overcoming a recent fear after a bad bite) He took me by surprise. THen I said we could never go on vacation and sometimes they smell and if anything bad happens to them it makes me really really sad. I suggested that we try an imaginery dog for a while. Last night before going to sleep I asked him if he took the dog out. I also said I thought the dog needed a bath. He invited the "dog" to jump in bed and if it were a real dog, there might have been a quarrel. It's good practice to see if we're really responsible enough for a dog.

Glad to hear that Daisy Scarf is recovering. i've been playing with the rowan chunky, a vest, some circular needles and cables. I should have something concrete for a photo before too long.


That Bergère de France cabled pattern is lovely, maybe I need to revise my plans!;)


Becky: I had an imaginary dog before I got Nigel. He was also a beagle and also called Nigel, but imaginary Nigel fetched my slippers when I came home from work. I won't say that dogs aren't a lot of work, and they do require you to adjust your life, but after awhile you can't imagine your life without them. Imaginary dog was practice for real dog and real dog is practice for imaginary kids. I'm getting there... ;)

Can't wait to see what you do with the Rowan. Oh Rowan so soft.

Heather: PLEASE DO! I might need a knit-a-long -- scratch that, I mean a support group -- to get me through it. I read the pattern over the weekend. The cables aren't a problem, but the rest of the instructions are well, French, or something.


So Jen, I was wondering if I could borrow Nigel to pass his picture around as my imaginary dog? There are several at work today who asked me what he looked like.


Go for it, Becky. Just remember that he doesn't fetch slippers. :)


Your dog is SO cute! I love beagles...
I appreciate your debate about the Hanami stole - I'm thinking about making one for a friends wedding September 1st, but I'm really not sure if I could get it done in time!


Emily: September 1 would be a recipe for failure for me, for sure. Do let us know if you end up working on this one. I'd love to know how it is to actually knit it. Man, it's beautiful.


Great list!
Happy knitting-

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