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June 22, 2007



The Hare and the Tortoise my friend, the Hare and the Tortoise.

Just so you know, I actually pictured a stadium full of knitters getting ready to start and thought "Holland is so cool." I need to quit revealing these details of myself. People will come to believe I'm really stupid!

Thanks for the 2 socks on 1 circ link- here I go- or maybe I'll just try another postal bag.


You are so seriously hilarious...

I have so many unfinished wips that I actually experienced a touch of anxiety yesterday about what my plans were for SOS!!


Dang, ya'll! I was trying so hard to get out of the house before the comments started coming in and I got sucked back into blogging. ;)

Becky: Holland is definitely cool. As in cool weather. What kinda bleeping summer is this anyway??

Heather: yeah I just saw what Lolly is up to with fancy embroidered socks... I might need to flex a little more muscle on the next pair. Push out of the comfort zone.


LOL! Make sure you link to this post in your first blog report. I love it! :)


Very cute and so funny! It sounds like you got over the little bump in the road just fine. My fingers are taking a little break from the sock and surfing the net a bit. As for your question on my blog, the answer is yes. I plan on trying to focus on socks, but the mystery shawl #3 is soooo tempting and the first clue comes out next week.


That is hilarious!


Great writing! I definitely enjoyed that. And you're right- pace yourself... it should remain fun!
Happy knitting-

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