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June 25, 2007


Jen in CT

Oh my, that picture of the shelves in the yarn shop gave me goose bumps! I'm positively jealous. :-)


Holy Moly! When I went to Germany, I must went to the wrong cities! Although I did get to try the best Rieslings in the world (I was traveling by the Rhine river)... Next trip to Europe (my honeymoon hopefully) I'll have to do the whole Europe yarn hopping thing :)


Wow, that yarn display is something to behold. I'm happy for you for finding something from home, I know what it's like to miss the homely tasty treats. Enjoy!


JenCT: Yeah it was a really nice crafts store, but if I were looking to make a sweater, I'b far less impressed with the yarn selection. They maybe had 6 balls of any one thing. Now their button section on the other hand... I stood there for ages and didn't end up making a decision on some buttons I needed.

Jensquared: Oh you're gonna be bummed, but Cologne has one of the nicest shops I've ever been in. Hit the travel link on the left and you'll see my Rhineland/Mosel photos and the yarn I picked up in Cologne. There are actually a couple more shops but they're not on my maps.

Schrodinger: You're from the UK, no? There're are a couple of shops in the Hague that specialize in British goodies. My husband likes them b/c they also stock vegemite, the grossest stuff in the world. ;)


Lovely photos with that "wall o yarn" being just heavenly. Good luck with the socks!


That's my favorite sock picture to date. Very nice.


I'm very much enjoying coming to your blog for my daily dose of Europe. *sigh* Someday I will get to see these places myself... someday...


Thanks so much for the wonderful pictures. I must be travelling in all the wrong directions - I always seem to get *farther* from yarn!


Patti: The Wall-o-Yarn was pretty nice. If you can imagine, the whole store was like that. It was literally a fancy department store for crafts with all the high-brow presentation you'd see in a Gucci shop. Not like the picked-over you-know-whats chain stores back home.

Becky: Mine too. When B- gets here I'll see what I can do in front of landmarks. hehe Somebody's gotta make sure it doesn't get stolen while I fiddle with the knitting.

Jessica: Until we moved here, I only came to Europe in the Winter when cheap weekend-end getaways abound. If you're willing to say, give up Thanksgiving one year, that's a really excellent time to come over.

Josie: Berlin's particularly interesting. There seems to be a real strong leaning towards handmade clothes, all arty stuff. Keeping in mind that Berlin is one of the cheapest cities in Europe, so it attracts a real vibrant youth culture.


A GF? ça alors!!!!

Love the Lang Jawoll--I'm doing a stranding project out of it now and I really like it. Glad you're enjoying your stay in Berlin!


Oh my, the images are fabulous! I'm drooling over the yarn pics...ahhhh deliciously yummy, sooo many colors!
It's so funny to see "American food" to be in its own special place. One of these days I'll have to send you an homesick care package. :)


Heather: I didn't make it to the GF after all. We ended up doing our shopping in some of Berlin's funky boutique shops - much cheaper! ;)

Jennie: You're too sweet, but it's funny that I don't wish for these foods when I'm actually in America. Except the Mexican food. I hit the Baja Fresh as soon as I step off the plane. hehe


Mmmmm...Dr. Pepper and burritos....I don't think I could live anywhere that didn't have good mexican food. :)

How fantastic is that wall of yarn?! All those colors!


Amanda: don't I know it!


Thank you for the Berlin yarn fixes!!!

I am here visiting from the US and NEEDED to get my yarn buying fix while I was here. I am glad KaDeWe has some yarn! It is an hour trip on the S-Bahn from where I am working for the next two weeks and of course I am here over a weekend when everything is closed because of the holiday. (German Reunification day on Sat...)

Karen Berthine

Great pictures -- especially the one with the rows and rows of colorful yarns! What a fun-to-read blog!

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