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June 23, 2007



How can you say no to those jitterbug??? I would never part with them once I've seen them either! :)

I can't wait to see some of your photos! Europe is absolutely beautiful. I went to Germany last year and can't get enough of it (granted I've only went for the weekend...)



mmmm.... Ribbels....

What a great scene and photo- I put myself there for a moment.

Loks like it was a good stop away from rain as well.

I look forward to the ribbon- There was some at the new LYS but I couldn't imagine what to do with it.


Nice score! You mean there's more to the Netherlands than space cake?;)

I absolutely love Jitterbug--I am doing some special socks in it right now and am completely taken with it. And I've been wanting that Rowan Bamboo for awhile now, the shrug you chose is def. the best pattern in the booklet...


Yup, I'm trying hard not to just cast on the jitterbg and get started. My stepMIL already picked out a pattern. The only thing stopping me is that I don't know her shoe size yet.

There's only just a little bit more than space cakes -- Belgian beer!

Becky: I want you to know that it was pouring buckets by time the train rolled back into the Hague. Crazy seaside weather!


There's a crochet bandwagon?! I so wish I'd known. I always thought that crocheting was one of those embarrassing dark secrets I should hide from my knitting friends (until they try to trim out a Rowan or Dale sweater).

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