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June 06, 2007



It sounds like a lovely time. I have one skein of Malabrigo that I'm about to cast on with too!


So when you were thinking your afterthoughts to the shopkeeper, I wondered what they looked (sounded) like in French and it made me laugh. Maybe owning a yarn shop becomes torture- the happy yarn store owner is so few and far between in my experience.


So glad to know that the French retail experience is ever the same!;)

My dad fought in WWII and was very much formed by that experience as were most of his generation.

Thanks for the thoughtful post.

Meghann Holcomb

Mmmmmmm....Malabrigo! I have two skeins sitting in my stash waiting for me to find the perfect pattern for them.:)


Tiennie and Meghann: What are your plans for your Malabrigo? I'm also thinking throw pillows would be great too.

Becky: Nah, my inner snarkiness is much too bratty to sound French, especially not with my husband around who often says what I'm only thinking. hehe I popped into a couple of small town knit shops on this trip, and I noticed that they're very old school - not too unlike the weird shop near my house. There were no beautifully printed books, no drool worthy yarns. It had all the trappings of practicality and none of the soul. I'd be unhappy there too.

Heather: The 'tude is not as common, but it's still there sometimes.

You're very right about how WWII shaped 'the greatest generation.' But I think it's all too easy to glamorize WWII and not see it for it's ugly reality. On the upside, it was like 4th of July driving through the area all weekend - the Star Spangled Banner was flapping in the wind in front of many, many shops and businesses. I have to admit that I got a little choked up more than once.

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