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June 24, 2007



Snort. Well, speaking for myself, I found the hand in front of the row houses and windmill, very entertaining. (I did laugh out loud at your "I'm crushing you" comment.) Your location is much more exotic and beautiful than my locale, so bring on more photos! I'd love to see your part of the world.
BTW, shouldn't you be knitting your socks in ORANGE? I've seen lots of your happy countrymen on the soccer channel--very pumped up and excited.
Bring on more "sock on location" photos--can't wait to see them.


Hi Jen!
I am using U.S. size 2 needle--magic loop--and am loving the outcome!


I actually like the photos, I love seeing knitting outside, breathing the air - how it should be :)


Guten Nacht von Berlin!

Jessica: You bring up a good point. I should try to knit some oranje sokken to photograph in front of scenic Dutch landscapes. Food for thought. These are a prezzie for my Mom, and she's not an orange girl.

Heather: Ok good. I don't have 3.25mm needles. I need to buy more needles like I need to poke myself in the eye with them.

Schrodinger: Thanks! Stay tuned for socks in Berlin. It might rain though, so socks may need to go to the biggest department store on the continent instead. ;)


Death grip holding knitting? Looks a lot more relaxed than my hands did when trying that magic lop. That's going to take some practice- not sure if I'll be able to endure.


Great photo shoot!

Jen in CT

Ah! A Magic Loop knitter, too! And, we could be hand twins (remember that episode of friends?). Awesome. :-)


Great pics! :)


I think you did fine. And remember, you don't have to be strictly "on vacation" when you take your pictures. Vacation can be in your own backyard! :)


The photos look great, Jen!


Hey, thanks for your comment in my blog about the Panda Cotton. I'd really like to try it out. Your sock looks pretty, and so does the scenery! I guess the only way to get your knitting and the scenery looking pretty at the same time would be for someone else to take the picture? ;)


Awe thanks for all the nice comments. B helped me with some additional photos. It helps to have an assistant. ;)

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