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June 28, 2007


Jen in CT

I wish I could help, but I know nothing about lace knitting. Let me know how it turns out, I thought about knitting this one, too. :-)


Ack, I wish I could help. I must admit that I've never really swatched lace where it matters. I've only made shawls and size doesn't really matter. I think that you can just knit a few repeats of the lace pattern and then measure some part in the center to see if you're getting gauge. It's sort of similar to putting garter stitch (or whatever) around a swatch that is stockinette. Good luck!


Hello - I'll try to help since I just finished this pattern, but I didn't knit a swatch and this was my first experience with charts.

I just looked, and I believe you are supposed to knit in the red block area for your swatch, and you only need to cast on 20. You should read the chart from right to left on the RS rows and then left to right on the WS rows. I think that will solve your pattern matching-up problems.

If you count the moves that only require actual stitches (i.e., don't count the YOs), you'll see that each row is still only using 20 stitches.

Gee, I hope this helped, and I hope I'm right!


Thanks for the help you guys!

Jeannie: The pattern repeat is 28 rows, and that's the length of the swatch. But my bigger problem was that the pattern wasn't working right either. heh Problems all around. But...

KelInCal: I just took a look at your daughter's Ogee and it looks great! I'll try to get cracking on it again tonight. :)


Sorry kid, Ich bin eine Lace Idiota!!


I totally understand the head explosion. I am pretty visual so if a pattern isn't in graph form, and it written out, I get really dizzy and then pretty tired. I'm going to check the magazine when I get home and see if I can figure it out.


Good for you for swatching. You're more responsible than I because if I were knitting this pattern with the recommended yarn, I wouldn't do a swatch. Yarg! I know that may sound like heresy, but I'm just being honest. Anyway, cast on 20 stitches for your swatch. Work the swatch by following the chart inside the red box. Work Right to Left on right side rows and Left to Right on wrong side rows. I don't think you'll need to knit all 28 rows before you know how your gauge is measuring up. You'll probably have a good sense of gauge sooner than that. I like to use a post it note to keep track of where I am on a chart. The post it covers the rows I have *not yet* worked. The rows below, which I have worked, stay uncovered. Finally, if your gauge seems really close, but not spot on, it probably won't matter that much. This is a wrap around, a little more or less overlap will still be okay. Good luck!


I'm having trouble with this pattern too. I'm doing a test swatch with scrap yarn to try to work out the pattern.

My difficulty is that on the third row there are four yarn overs but only two stiches that are decreased. And if the first stich is a yarn over then does the knit second stitch apply to the first stitch on the needle or the second stitch.

It's so confusing.

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