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July 14, 2007



Please, stop talking about it! I'm trying to be good and NOT buy from the sale, but I keep going and putting things in my cart and taking them out and putting them in and taking them out. I know I'm going to break down and check out soon!


By some miracle I already have all the books I want, so this sale is luckily not tempting me...nice move on having the books shipped to your parents!


Great deal getting it shipped to your parents! I almost bought Favorite Socks, but decided against it because I'm still working my way through both of Schurch's sock books. I did stock up on Zimmerman books. I have wanted those for a while now and the sale was the perfect excuse to get them.


D'oh Meghann! I try not to be an enabler. ;)

Heather: So do you have an recs?

Jeannie: I thought about the "Knitting Without Tears" book b/c I've heard a bit about it. But I've never actually seen any Zimmerman book in person to know if I'd like them.

What I really want to get is my grubby paws on the latest KnitScene. There are a couple of seriously cute sweaters in there. hehe


Oh yeah, I hit this sale, too! I got EZ's Knitters Almanac as well as "Not Just More Socks" because I wanted the pattern for the tabi socks on the cover. I also got a few other books which had been sitting on my Amazon wish list for way too long. I figured I'd just go ahead and get 'em myself. I didn't buy every single book I wanted because a) money but also b) I wanted to leave some things on my amazon list for when people want to buy me gifts.


Great idea to have the books shipped to your parents. LOL. I've been trying to stay away from the sale but every now and then another blogger will mention it and of course I wander over just to take another look. :)


I love MDK! It was actually my first knitting book (besides my learning one), although I've only knit the washcloths and kimono - oh, and I have started a log cabin. I don't think there's a project in that book that I don't want to knit!

I also love my Vogue stitchionaries, even though I've technically only used one once.

I've been jonesing for Lace Style lately. I should go have a lookey, but sheesh, everytime I shop at Knitpicks I get way more than I plan b/c of the $45+ free shipping offer.


having just gotten the catalogue today (we had the post office hold the mail while we were gone) I'm so all about it. Husband saw the L.L. Bean catalogue- I saw the knitpicks and books and 40% off and struggled to maintain my composure as we went through the rest of the mail. I believe I will hid it at the side of the bed to be read only in the dark of night and away from the computer so that I can make clear and conscious decisions. I hope I don't start sleep-e-shopping!

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