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July 05, 2007



Oohhh. I feel your pain so much right now as I just seemed a sweater for my mom (just under the sleeves), and even that amount of small seeming was hell and looked like crap. I wish I knew what to tell ya!! I'm considering taking all future sweaters to a professional finisher.

Have you looked in the Nancie Wiseman book? It's called 'Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques' and is very helpful.


I've got absolutely nothing but surely something will come up-

It's so not fair!


Heather: I have one I picked up in the UK called "Finishing Techniques for Hand Knitters" which I think is probably very similar to the Wiseman book. It has a lot of info on everything but seaming raglan sleeves. Grrr. This pro finisher is sounding like a good idea.

Becky: I know! I want to throw a proper tantrum on the floor. Seriously. *sigh*


I hope you find a fix - I'm new to knitting so no advice from me!


Are you using the mattress stitch? I have every confidence your seaming will work out perfectly.



Just found your blog through a search for toe up monkey socks. Thank you so much for the beta pattern - it is in the rotation now. Also amused that you met your husband climbing, me too! Not many knitters that climb it seems...


I have a lot in common with the comment by Lia...I just found your blog through a quick search and checked out your 'about me'...it was refreshing to see another outdoor sports enthusiast who knits!

As for this post, I have no ideas on your seaming...I'm fairly new to knitting and have only done one seam so far! I'm about to do more but it makes me nervous. But I liked reading how you are working through your lace/charts problems on the skirt...I want to start the Oriel Lace Blouse from the same IK issue and had never read a chart. I'm slowly figuring it out!


Wish I had some words of wisdom for your seaming woes, but I do not. I'll be very interested to read about whatever solution you come up with, not to mention the gusset you mentioned!


Hi there

Totally use mattress stitch, the only way to go. If you have problems and still cannot get a good seam, let me know and I'll see if I can assist further. If done correctly, mattress stitch gives the most fabulous seams on just about anything!

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