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July 03, 2007



Those are all GREAT pictures- your socks are looking good also.

I think that's what I'm dreading most about the upcoming 10 day vacation. (we leave Saturday) I may get plenty of knitting done while on various planes and trains but I'm not sure what my blog level will be. I'm going to miss my friends.

The good thing is there will be plenty to catch up on when I return.


Is that a ball of yarn...to ride on? Some knitting mother got tired of re-winding her yarn and suggested a better way for her kids to play with a ball of wool!


Yes, knitting with hubby on vacation isn't very good form I suppose...and that hefe weis bier is so good, I love that stuff!!


Becky: Yeah it was a bit dicey. B would catch me reading blogs in the morning. He's sympathetic, but there are normal limits. ;) I'd love to go to the Portland/Seattle area. It's in my top ten list. You'll have an awesome time.

Josie: It is! All the parks in this neighborhood were really cool. This particular one had swings held up by wooden carvings of carrots and onions. Others had big, wooden pirate ships.

Heather: Did you try the red one? That one is supposed to taste like raspberry.


Oohh...mysterious! Can't wait to see what your picture will be for Socks On Vacation!

Dipsy D.

Awesome pics - especially the Berliner Weisse made me drool all over ;) And I just adore the pic of the Orang Utan (it is one, ain't it?)

Worsted Knitt

Berliner Wesse mit schuss is really good! I like the green best.
That yarn ball on the playground is quite hilarious!


That beer looked AWESOME! and the socks too!

I updated my blog finally - not much, but better than nothing!

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