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July 16, 2007




I sent this link to you as i could not get my personal pattern loaded. But it is so much like this one! Enjoy.


I was thrilled with Randi's Waterloose sock pattern here:


Mine turned out beautifully (at least in my humble opinion) using Cider Moon's Glacier yarn, which is pretty thick stuff (DK) weight.


I think you could very easily add stitches to this pattern to make it work quite well with fingering weight yarn.


I have two guesses...Jaywalker seems to do a nice job of pool-blocking. I've knit 2 pairs, and have had limited pooling in both. The other is Pomatomus. It seems to be fairly pool resistent, too. Maybe the trick is the increases and decreases? It sort of minimizes the effects of pooling, I think.


I've heard so much about this yarn that I shant miss a chance to win some! Please find a link to the contest here: http://stoneview.typepad.com/stoneview/2007/07/marvelous-mail.html
and also note that I came here via Peaknits http://peaknit.blogspot.com/ so drop her name in the hat again.


I came from stoneview.typepad.com. I just finished the twisted flower pattern from cookie A and I think that would work just great. http://www.cookiea.com/ check them out. I will also add you to my blog where you can see a pic of these done in my hand dyed yarn. http://adayinthelifeofdebbi.typepad.com


thanks to arja i ended up linking your contest :) http://nrrdgrrl.nl/sok/archives/archive_2007-m07.php#e454
great plan! i'd love to read the winning entry as i hate pooling with a vengeance. my entry on it's way as we speak.


I think the Broadripple Sock pattern would be great for breaking up pooling. There use to be a link for it made with fingering weight yarn, but I cannot find it and there is only 15 minutes left. Argh!
If I had my pictures ready for a post I would have linked to this but I don't, darn it.
Happy Knitting!

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