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August 29, 2007



Looks like an absolutely amazing trip! Although that last sentence certain sounds ominous!


Amazing! It looks like a fabulous trip. More castle pictures! I love castles:)


It looks like you had a great trip -- looking forward to seeing more photos!


Wow--beautiful...envious as I sit in my little office! Some great pictures too!


Please tell me your husband got one of those awesome felt hats!!! Great pics, Garmisch is so lovely, we went there when we were little. Thanks for the lovely travelogue!


Oh my- could you hear my breath sucking gasp at the gorge picture above the beautiful Nigel photo? wow!

happy dog happy dog


What pretty travel pictures! It brings me right back to when I visited Germany!


Oh wow! That lady spinning away, and all that felt!! The beautiful views make me really want to be there now. I'm so glad we get to go to Austria for Christmas :)


Beautiful pictures!! I remember Wurzburg. We went shopping and site seeing there a lot when we lived in Germany. I think it was only around an hour or so from where we lived. It looks like a very adventurous and fun trip. Thanks for sharing all of those lovely pictures, they bring back lots of great memories for me.


Ohh,man! Such eye candy! I loved the pics of the houses and of course that lady spinning! Neat felt purses,( thats what they were,right?) I would love to go on a walking tour of Europe.


I am sooooo jealous of you right now. Thank you for sharing this fantastic trip with wonderful pictures too. Ahhh just fantastic! :)


Absolutely stunning scenery. Somehow I never manage to get to places like this. *sigh*


Oh your trip looks cool. It reminds me of my family trip to the alps on summer after my year of school in Germany. I loved hiking in the alps.

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