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August 06, 2007



Those cables look nice. I like the thinner ones on the 2nd swatch the best. I pulled out the 60" addis for another go at the 2 socks with a magic loop. I"m getting closer.


It's funny you wrote about what to swatch because I'm dealing with the same problem. I know the most accurate swatch would be, say, a sleeve but I'm too lazy to invest all that time...

You could try knitting through the back for ribbing. It might make things a bit more crisp.


Hey sister---why not try a green? And the Irish Hiking scarf would be a great pre-sweater project, although I find that scarves generally take forever. Maybe the new cabled hat sans pom pom in the Fall IK? Have you tried cabling w/o a cable needle yet? Grumperina has a great tutorial as does Letsknit2gether (video!).


The swatches look beautiful! I think the yarn definitely works well with the cables. As for color, I think the blue-almost-grey sounds good, but you have to realize who's writing this. ;)


Your swatches look lovely! They're totally not helping this itch I have to knit an aran *right now*.

I can't wear white, either, and have been quite happy with my dark-coloured cabled sweaters. If it was me, I'd go with the nice, dark brown. It always seems that choosing a colour is the slowest - and most important - part of starting a project for me!


Pretty swatches. I think the cables look fine, but I'm not a cable expert either. I've made cabled sweater with a dark blue yarn and I wear it with tan/khaki pants. I think the dark brown sounds would make a very pretty sweater that can go with a lot of things.


It's going to be a beautiful sweater - your cables look great! I practiced my cabling with the Irish Hiking Scarf and Grumperina's Sharfik (which isn't even done...). I would choose the dark brown, myself - it just seems to go with the natural vibe of the pattern (and because I like brown!).


Pretty swatch! I don't know your coloring, but I have some of the issues you have with cream and white. When I made an Aran sweater for myself, I used a camel color. I've also had my eye on a golden color that I saw in an Alice Starmore book. The truly dark colors swallow up the detail of the cable work making it much more difficult to knit and later, to appreciate.


I think the swatches look fantastic. As far as picking a color, I say choose any color which flatters your face and that you'll enjoy staring at while you work on the sweater. I find under those circumstances, I'm more likely to finish the project and wear it when it's done.


Loving the cables. I'm thinking you should choose a colour that makes you happy, so you'll not just love knitting it, but wearing it too.


Gorgeous swatches on that yarn! Pick a color that you love!


Tradition, schmadition--you knit whateva you want, right? You like that light blue? Do it.

I think your cables look fantastic.


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