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September 01, 2007



You are so funny, Jen! I'll clear the bandwidth decks to accommodate your pictures...

I agree that Ravelry seems to want to creep in on any knitting conversation. Just when you discover one 'can't-live-without' feature, you discover a whole other aspect that improves your knitting life tremendously. And I know what you mean about not wanting to be the jackass that it always mentioning it for fear of annoying the people who are still waiting. But I am so impressed with what they have accomplished.


I'm always talking about Ravelry with my husband. He used to work with databases and can see the genius in it. But I don't let him anywhere near the stash section. ;-) Thanks for the link for the progress bars. I've been thinking about adding those to my blog.


I'm a Ravelry love, too. And just like Jeannie, I don't let my husband anywhere NEAR the stash section!

I also feel like a heel mentioning it in my blog posts, but it's just so hard these days! But you know what I think? Even when it's open to everyone, there are going to be those folks who don't want to mess with it for whatever reason, and they're not going to enjoy all the continued blather about it. I like some of those people and don't want to alienate them, so how exactly do I go about that? I'm looking forward to it being open to everyone, because I always had such a hard time keeping my site pages for WIPs, FOs and the queue up to date.

And YAY for new yarn!


Thanks for being thoughtful to one who is 7493 on the list! : )


Glad to hear you were able to get some Wollmeise before Claudia's break. :)


King of Scotland was a great (albeit hard to take) movie...though I really dislike that they had to fictionalize big portions of it (did you watch the extras?).

Ravelry, Ravelry...alas, I got my invite a couple weeks ago and while I know some people would like to hurt me for saying this (particularly those who are invited yet), I simply don't have the time to get sucked in right now. And I know I will get sucked in. So I went on a brief tour the day I got my invite and haven't been back since. I can't wait to enjoy it more but it can't happen yet!


The bar Do-hickeys that show your progress would bum me out to much if I had them, 'cuz they would never change . Seeing something at 1/4 done for 2 years would send me over the edge. Now if they had one that every time you looked at it your project magically did itself....


Hmmm... it sounds like you know a thing or two about codes and computers and such. I had these javacode that was my progress bar but when blogger upgraded to google, the widget won't remember my code! Actually, any LONG code for that matter. I tried to do a blogroll through google reader (it published the code) and it just won't remember it. :(

When you touch down and settle in, pop me an email with your address (or you already know it?) because I got a surprise for you :)


Thanks for the link to the progress bars. I am going to add them to my blog too!


I totally feel the same way about Ravelry! LOVE IT!

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