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October 08, 2007



Those cones are the prettiest colorway! I wish we could have a bit of the heat right now!


I'm getting ready to finish my Central Park Hoodie and I am determined that I WILL be able to wear it once it is finished (without it felting from the sweat within.) Therefore, enjoy the heat while you can because I'm certain to have it finished by the weekend. : )


I personally like the heat too, not so much of the stickiness, but definitely the sun. I AM going to cast on Hemlock Ring Blanket soon so I'm hoping for a breezier day soon. Super bulky wool and hot sticky weather some how just don't mix together...


Glad SOMEONE is enjoying the heat. Love those cones, so bright and cheery!


Holy Cow, your Absorba is rapidly coming along! Really like that colorway. Had forgotten that it is a bit hard on the hands. Make sure you knit loosely on the last row so when you pick up stitches it is much easier.

Could ya tone down the heat a little bit and for heaven's sake make it rain!


I thought of knitting that bat mat but guessed it might do my hands in. Yours is coming along beautifully!
The Beletrix socks are awewome! Okay, so they're not the delicate knitted lace socks everyone is monkeying around with, but I love the combination of the colors and the texture.


Okay, those socks are ... interesting. :-)


I like that mint chocolate colorway - never seen that before.

I think the fugly socks aren't near so fugly anymore! That photo makes them look better to me.


Call me crazy, I really like your Belatrix socks. I like these photos that show off the stitch definition.


That's funny--when I saw them I instantly craved my 12 hole Dr. Marten boots and thick black tights. I'm actually really loving the socks. I'd wear them. That may not say much though, but hell I'd wear them proud!


If I knit with that much of that cotton my hands would scream! It's really pretty though. The socks are quite interesting. :)


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