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October 22, 2007



Good luck with that diet of yours...I'll let someone who's been explain the whole Rhinebeck extravaganza to you!


Well... Rhinebeck is probably the second largest Wool and Sheep festival in the US (right behind Maryland Wool and Sheep, which happens in May). It is heaven for all fiber - you can get things you've never thought of there, and a lot of time in discounted price. And I think it is just a fun day/weekend overall. It is family friendly, it has awesome festival food. Last year I found a new yarn (Brooks Farm) and I totally love them, but it's hard to find them, they only go to festivals and I've never seen them in stores. Anyways, it's hard to explain, it's really the experience that makes it unforgetable.


I'm on a yarn diet too and have been trying to knit and knit and knit from stash. Rhinebeck - I'll never know you.


I wondered about the Rhinebeck thing too and was going to post the same question. Why is this one so huge that people knit non-stop to show up in a newly knitted sweater (esp. in the heat they're having)? Me, I'd show up in dorky Threadless t-shirt.


I think Jenn did a good job of explaining but I would add that the surrounding scenery at this time of year is some of the best in the world. People literally come from all over to see the fall foliage. It just makes the setting perfect. And with all things fiber in one place, what's not to love?! :)


heheh I'm with ya with Rhinebeck. oooohhh secret socks, hmmm I'm super interested now. I must know and you have to produce some photos! :)

Madame Purl

There are all sorts of festivals all over this from spring till fall, but not like this one. Rhinebeck is amazing. It has a ton of vendors, awesome food, and actual bathrooms (no port-a-potty) with a bathroom attendant to get you in and out quicker. They say Maryland is the biggest, but I have to wonder. I was 2 years ago and then this year and it's even larger than I remember. They had over 500 fleeces in the fleece show and sale. It really is something to see at least once. Plus the weather and leaf peeping always seems to be stellar this time of year.


Main thing is that it's BIG, and there is a ton of yarn, fiber, animals and vendors that you won't find anywhere else. Personally I love to get fiber as it can be tricky for me to find, and it's great to touch it before you buy. I'm not so bothered about knitting a sweater for the occassion, but lots of people enjoy the fact that knitters will recognize and appreciate the work that went into that garment.

Also the sheep, llamas, goats, alpaca, rabbits (extremely exciting for city-dwellers like me). Food, great food and wine, and homemade jelly, fudge, fair rides, cotton candy. It's accessible to more people than some of the other fairs methings, and did I mention it's BIG (second to Maryland)?

Having said all that, it's really not for everyone - it might be too big for some, and that's fine too :)

Good luck with the secret socks!

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