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November 12, 2007



Hahaha my first pair is also two socks at once! And I probably will never go to the one sock deal either. I'm too afraid I'm gonna get SSS!!!

I am also lazy so I would just leave the hat the way it is. :)


Cute hat! It looks like a very quick knit too. But I can see why you'd want to do it over. If it were me, I would gift that one and make another one for myself with the changes.

You're brave for trying to do two color work socks at once. I'm strictly a two at once socks girl myself, but I have to go to singles with color work.


Love this beret! Such a pretty color!

Grad School Knitter

I had the same experience with the beret I just knit... I made it one and thought it would be too small so I added one more repeat and after it got wet (in the rain in DC this weekend) I think it stretched out a bit. But I have lots of that yarn left over so I'd rather just make a new one than rip the original out!


Yeah! I'm so glad you enjoy the yarn;) And gorgeous photo!!!


Milk maiden, haha!! No, it's cute, keep it and wear it with pride:)


The hat is super cute. :) And yummy yarn enhancement.


very sweet little hat! I love the color of that yarn, would make nice socks.

I just have to let you know that I turned the heel on your toe up monkeys.......they are BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank you VERY much for converting this pattern. I need to try to do that to other patterns..I only do toe up. Nancy


Aw, just knit another one, you know you want to. ;) It's very cute.


I'm not a pastel person either, but I am a total sucker for chocolate brown and baby blue.


Hi Jen,
I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year !!
Take care,


hello? is this thing on? Are you still with us? Miss you. Hope all is well.



Not seen you for ages. Hope you are well and had a lovely holiday :)



Where did you go? Come back! Come back!


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