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November 07, 2007



That's a beautiful scarf! Is that wool scratchy at all? I like how your bath mat turned out too.


I remember that yarn!!! So pretty!! So the scarf is similar to the $250 3Fe scarf then?


Oh wow I love it, that is a killer stitch pattern for a scarf!!


oolala! Looky at the Beeeuuuiful hair! Hey- glad your back! I thought maybe you moved back to Holland or something. Anyhoo- I like that bit of advice you gave to Sophanne about dogs, I didn't relize that they couldn't tell the diff between comfort and praise, thanks for the tip!


Very nice scarf!


It looks beautiful! Great colors too.
I don't think Stacy, who "wrote" the pattern for the My So Called scarf ever claimed any credit - she originally saw the scarf at a San Francisco yarn shop and tried to recreate it. It has been noted that it is a known stitch pattern. It is a freebie, so no money came from it. I think that is why it is referred to as "MY so-called" because it really is not hers... I didn't mean to get all soapbox on you. Sorry.

Anyway, it is lovely :)


That is very pretty! I think I remember the same thing Lolly said aout the scarf.


Oh your scarf came out really nice! And the edges don't look wonky. Now I'm sort of regretting the slipping the edge stitches!

Re: the pattern, if you read the intro bit it says she say whatever yarn knitted up in a scarf at a yarn shop and they gave her the "pattern". She got so many compliments she contacted the shop about giving out the pattern and they said it was nothing but a stitch pattern so they had no rights to it.


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