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November 09, 2007



Jen- your humility is inspiring. What a great and honest post. I didn't notice any of the snark etc (what with puppyville and all) but I can clearly see healthy practice and something to strive for.



What a great post. I agree with what Becky said.

Nice change on the blog layout!


You are the least snarky blogger out there, Jen!! Your post didn't seem even remotely rude, so no worries, k?


I don't think you came across as snarky.

Besides, the thing is - Imagiknit gives out a "free" pattern *with* a skein purchase (but won't give the "pattern" without purchase), which I do think is a little deceiving of them, because it's a stitch pattern you can pick out of a book. I think it's a bit weird.


I didn't think you came across as snarky. And b/c of this post, I only think more highly of you!


We all make mistakes but few admit to it and apologize. Kudos to you for doing the difficult.

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