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December 04, 2008



Those are some great knits! I especially like that last hat! Blog when you can - no pressure!


While these are all such lovely objects, I am quite anxious to see what you're working on now. Ahem. :)


hey, long time no see! LOL. Love the winter knits....I really need to get some hats knit for the heads in my family!


Wussy cables? Ha!! O how we've missed you!:) Congrats on the new camera---what did you get?


Welcome back--I've miss your posts! Nice FO's...I especially adore your Peruvian Hat. It looks so soft!


They all look so comfy cozy! Glad to see you back!


Hey! You are back! I love all winter knits and especially your last hat! Hopefully we'll see you more often! :)

Also, what did you get for your SLR? I'm thinking of getting a D60!


Love the Peruvian hat!


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